Pirkko ViitasaloPirkko Viitasalo was an educated goldsmith and sculptor. She was unique in her skills and achievements both as a medal designer and as a jewelry designer. She had a perfect eye for colors and forms.

The ease with which her designs came about was unique, whether she worked with jewelry, medals, painting, ceramics or drawing. Many of her works she created in her garden in Finland.

Pirkko Viitasalo. Give peace a chance. Mieluummin rauha.Pirkko Viitasalo holds the Finnish record in winning medal design competitions. She loved the intensity of designing for competitions. "Give Peace a Chance" became one of her most successful medals winning the best cast medal award in the international FIDEM XXIX in 2004. Her works are found in many collections, i.e. in the National Museum of Finland and the Vatican.

Pirkko Viitasalo. Brooch.Pirkko Viitasalo had a special talent for designs with gold and precious stones. She skillfully crafted models for her designs to be sure that the pieces were made the way she had designed them. Most of the pieces were tailor made designs for private clients. Her designs won both of the main prizes in the last big Finnish jewelry design competition, "Diamond Today", in 1990.

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