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Finnish Angels are Design Viitasalo's collection of pendants designed by Pirkko Viitasalo. The angels are ideal gifts to give to friends and very good treats to give to oneself on any nice day of the year. You can wear your angel any day and with any kind of clothing. Just add a neat golden chain to it with a tiny lock.

In Finland it is customary to give angel-jewelry to children on important days of their lives like baptism, confirmation or birthday. The idea of the guardian angel is deeply rooted also in the Finnish culture.
The designer, Pirkko Viitasalo wanted to modernise the idea of angel in jewelry. Her designs are based on a bending technique she developed when still a student. A practical benefit of the technique is that no separate link is needed for the chain.

She named the angels after the little daughters of her relatives.

Angel jewelry are made in Finland using 18 carat gold. White gold, 14 carat, is an option.

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